Monday, March 7, 2011

Sushi Party

This weekend, we felt like being really adventurous, so we invited some friends over to our house to have a Sushi Party. Yup, you read that right. Sushi.

My sister and I went shopping the day before for all of the ingredients from the Peas and Crayons Sushi Tutorial. We went to a few asian supermarkets and found everything we needed (except for the tuna, which we found at Kowalski's).

It's a little time-consuming prepping all the ingredients, but we were all surprised at how easy it was to actually make the sushi rolls.

Josh was a little skeptical at times...

They turned out really well! It actually looked like what we were trying to make, which always surprises me a little. Sadly, I was not a huge fan of the sushi like I thought I would be. Oddly enough, it was the seaweed wrapper that got to me and not the raw tuna. Seaweed. Blech.

But it sure looks pretty, doesn't it?

So that was (part of) our weekend. How about you? Did you do anything new and exciting this weekend?


  1. Maybe if you tried the rice on the outside of the roll instead of the inside, it might not get to you as much. The sushi party sounds like a lot of fun, and it is really pretty.

  2. Oh YUM. I'm a sushi lover. We've made it a couple times with friends, but I struggle with getting the rolls to look pretty. They taste great but they wouldn't win any awards based on appearance. Yours look so professional!

  3. Ashley- that's a good point. We thought about doing that too, but it seemed like it was just easier to put the Nori on the outside.

    Cindy- Thanks! I thought they looked really pretty too, and were fun to make. I just wish they tasted better to me!

  4. I tried sushi once. Not a big fan. Yours looks like you are a pro!! Good Job. If you look on my blog you will see what I did this weekend. Planted flowers. HAve a good week.

  5. 1. You're brave.

    2. Your sushi is pretty!

  6. How awesome! Looks so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love sushi!

  7. Cindy- Why thank you! I was rather surprised that it actually looked like sushi! =)

    Ashley- Haha, I guess you could call it bravery. Or peer pressure.

    Tammy- It was super fun to make, but was not my fav food. You should come over and finish up the sushi for me! =)



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