Thursday, August 9, 2012

Nursery Reveal- Vintage Coral

I'm so excited to finally share the nursery photos! It's been a labor of love, but definitely a fun project. Up top you can see the view as you walk in through the door. We had kind of a small space to deal with, which made furniture placement interesting. We may move stuff around, we'll see!

The crib was a Craigslist find- I love the sleigh-bed design. Josh repainted it white to make it more fresh and clean.

Two cuddly friends are waiting to be loved on- a cute knitted puppy from Josh's aunt (handmade!) and a jellycat stuffed bunny (softest stuffie EVER!).

I made the crib skirt- it was super easy and is basically a finished panel of fabric that we clipped (using regular ol' office butterfly clips no less) to the mattress frame. So easy! Now the space under the crib is hidden so we can use it for extra storage! 

On the other side of the room we have our IKEA chair, the comfiest chair in the world, with a footstool from Target, lamp from Target, a hand-made baby blanket, and a cute pillow made by yours truly. 

I really love how the pillow turned out- I made it with vintage fabric I inherited from my Grandma and sewed on some pretty blue flowers for decoration. 

The lamp, as I mentioned before, was from Target. The base matched the vintage curtains perfectly, and I spruced up the shade with some white trim I found at Wal Mart. 

The changing table was another Craigslist find (10 bucks! Yowza!) that I repainted and fitted with some cute baskets from Michaels and Joanne Fabrics. The print is a map of Paris showing all of the monuments. We found it at a cute little boutique where they were using it as wrapping paper, so we got the print for $4. 

I found these two hooks at Joanne Fabrics a few months ago. It's fun to display some of her little outfits- the dress on the left is from Baby Gap and the little sweater is hand knit from my mother-in-law's friend. The shirt on the right was given to me by my aunt, it was hand-made and embroidered in Italy!

Ok, now, on to my absolute favorite part of the room. The dresser. You guys, this thing used to be seriously ugly. It was Josh's boyhood dresser that he painted (sorry Honey) but it was just past it's prime. So Josh removed all the old paint, and I repainted it in coral to match the footstool. 

After I painted it, I stenciled on the vines using a shimmery gold paint. I seriously love how the stencil turned out- it was my first time doing that and I had my doubts at first but it ended up being so easy and made such a big difference! 

The pretty glass knobs were an Etsy find, and I think they really make the dresser pop! 

On top of the dresser, I put some little vintage shoes (worn by several generations of the women in my family, including myself!). Aren't they adorable? I can't wait for her to wear the ruffly white ones...

I found this little chair in my parent's basement, it was mine growing up and I used it for my American Girl Dolls. The bears were a gift to me for being the flower girl in my Aunt's wedding when I was two! 

 I had to put my milk-glass vases with bamboo in them on the windowsill. They just fit the vintage vibe of the room so well!

Another view of the top of the changing table- My mother in law made the beautiful sweater and hat set, and I made some burp-cloths in pretty fabric because I think that everything deserves to be beautiful. Even things that are meant for baby puke. 

So, there is our little nursery tour. It's been fun getting this space ready. I still have a bit left to do, but at least it is mostly done! Especially since the next thing on my list is packing the hospital bags- this baby will be here before we know it!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

3 Years

I can hardly believe it, but it's been 3 years since my hubby and I said "I do." 3 wonderful, life-changing years as husband and wife. Marrying Josh was the best decision I ever made!

I knew Josh was amazing from the get-go, but this year has proved it to me even more. These last few months of pregnancy have been interesting (exhausting), but my hubby is so quick to help around the house and give foot/back/leg rubs. I don't even have to ask! I feel incredibly blessed to be his wife.

I love that even though we have our moments and disagreements, there is a safety and comfort in our relationship. We see each others worst moments and yet still love each other. I love praying for my husband (even though I don't do it often enough) and seeing how God blesses our relationship as well. I'm not always the most patient, loving person, but we have made it this far by God's grace! 

So tonight we will raise our non-alcoholic beverages and toast to 3 delightful years of marriage, and many, many more to come. And, on to the next adventure of parenthood!

P.S. Come back tomorrow for the grand reveal of our baby nursery- eeek! I'm so excited to share it with you!


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