Tuesday, October 20, 2009

From Drabulous to Fabulous! The Princess-Box Saga

This is what I call trash. Or drab. I'm sure that once-upon-a-time it was a dream come true for some 5 year old princess. Or "Kalli," as it seems to say on the puppy sticker. Sadly, after enduring the torture of being forced to hold hair binders, sparkly stickers, knick-nacks and nail clippings for several years it was cruelly discarded by it's once-loving former owner. She probably grew up and realized that it was hideous.

So there I was in Goodwill, absentmindedly meandering through the shelves upon shelves of household items, when the forlorn Princess-Box caught my eye. And it was there that I had the vision for what it could be.

Several weeks (some projects take a while!), a few coatings of paint, some pretty Amy Butler papers, and dainty wooden knobs later...

The Princess-Box was lovingly transformed into a Craftista's-Dream Box! I love how it turned out. Each drawer has something different: buttons, ribbons, vintage millinery leaves. It's perfect for holding all those little things that were just floating around in various boxes before.

I love taking something from Drabulous to Fabulous! I can't take all the credit for this: the idea came from somewhere other than my head (I really can't remember exactly where, but I know I saw someone else do something like this once!), and my Handsome Husband helped me with painting the box and putting the knobs on.

The process was really quite simple. I used tacky-glue to fix the paper on the front of each drawer and then used a razor blade to cut around the edges. The only thing I would suggest for using paper is putting some type of "glaze" or protective coating over it. You never know when a sneeze is coming and paper can be quite permeable! I used a clear spray-paint lacquer and it worked perfectly.

The knobs were made from small wooden balls that I purchased from Michaels. I wish I could have found actual knobs, because it was more labor-intensive to drill a hole into each of them and paint them.

I hope you are inspired to find something to transform from Drabulous to Fabulous!

And So It Begins...

I think the best word to describe me would be: eclectic.

I took a fashion quiz online once that was supposed to give you a magical one-word description of your own personal style. My result? Eclectic. This is probably due to the fact that I buy random articles of clothing without thinking about whether or not they will match anything else I own. The result is a colorful, fun wardrobe that makes absolutely no sense at all. Usually, when I try to find an outfit my clothes end up strewn all over the floor (along with a few clumps of hair and tears).

Much like my wardrobe, I feel like my life is lots of little bits and pieces as well. I am a wife, a sister, a singer, a wanna-be fashionista, an aspiring housewife, an adopted auntie, a craftista, a thinker, a writer. The one thing that ties me all together is my relationship with God- He's the center of who I am.

This blog will probably be just as eclectic as its writer. I love lists, so here is a list of topics that I hope to delve into:
  • Thrifty fashion (I'm talking Goodwill thrifty!).
  • Home design (cottage-style, granny-chic anyone?).
  • My handsome husband (I will try to keep this to a minimum, but he's really amazing so it will be hard).
  • Random things I feel like talking about that no one else will listen to.
  • Garage-saling and thrift store shopping! I love good deals!
  • Crafting- I love to sew, paint, staple, glitter, spray paint, you name it.
  • House-wifery (I truly wish I could reverse some of feminism's effects and sit at home and drink tea all day).
  • My abhorrence of drooling dogs (I have stories about this).
  • Taking trash and making treasure out of it!
I'm sure other topics will arise, but what else can be expected from a deliciously eclectic little blog named after a Porcelain Pig?

P.S. The picture is of me holding my brother-in-law's hedgehog, Yona.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


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