Sunday, February 7, 2010

A (Closet) Makeover

I like to be organized, when it's convenient for me.

I organize things, and then somehow they revert back to a state of disarray, and I live with it for a while until I get bit by the organizing bug again. Then, I remember how wonderful it feels to live in a neat, orderly home, and I wonder why I ever let it get out of control.

Case in point: our 2nd bedroom. We affectionately call it the craft room, but it really had turned into the crap room.

Just take a look at this closet here:

Sorry to SCARE you like that. I know you must be thinking, "How did they manage to fill every square inch of space in that closet?"

To give you and idea of the rest of the room, we have a desk, my sewing machine, a big ol' bookshelf, and a cozy chair.

When I put the chair in there, I imagined sitting there with a cup a' tea and reading a book once in a while. But really, the room was so cluttered that all we really did was shut the door when company came over. Except for a recent incident when my wonderful hubby FORGOT to SHUT the closet door and gave our guests a bit of a shock (you know who you are! Sorry again!).

Well, after a glorious day spent organizing, throwing things away, moving furniture and getting rid of an ugly bookshelf, we now have a brand new space to enjoy.

(The piano is where the bookshelf used to be- so much better!)

And Voila. The cost of this makeover=

New White Boxes: $12.00
Hours of Hard Labor: 6
Cups of Coffee: 4

Being able to leave the door open when people come over:
Priceless (I couldn't resist)

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  1. haha! Oh my gosh, we've got a crap room right now too! The floor is almost completed covered with papers that need to be filed or throw. It's really, really sad. It's on the to do list. I figure we'll have to clean it up before we move at any rate.

    I did attend NWC for my junior and senior year. And I'm pretty sure you had music theory class with my husband because he was a music major at NWC for his freshman and sophomore year. As for Amy B, it must be a different Amy B because the Amy I know never went to NWC. But there are a lot of Amys out there these days so it gets a bit confusing. :)

  2. Oh my word, I love it!! And just wait until I post pictures of our basement (we tackled it this weekend). You'll realize why we were not at all shocked. : )

    It looks so great in there!! And I totally love the corner chair.

  3. We have been meaning to clean out our junk closet for a while now too, and I finally went through all of my stuff in there and threw away and organized. Now Jesse just has to go through all of his stuff, then we're going to get one of those big storage things with drawers and I'm sure it will look SO much better!

  4. Wow, it's like a breath of fresh air -- so clean and tidy and orderly! Good job on a project well done!

    And thanks for commenting on my guest post over at Jumping Tandem today -- it's nice to "meet" you!



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