Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I know when to admit defeat

And that is what I did this weekend.

I stood, with borrowed nail-gun in my trembling hands, and stared at my nemesis with every intention of overthrowing it's green, faux-velvet reign. I made a careful plan of attack, taking into consideration all of the knowledge concerning upholstering that Wikipedia had bestowed upon me. And I faltered.

Yes, my decorating friends, I have failed.

The ugly green chair is even now smirking with satisfaction as it sits in a nearby Goodwill, waiting for the next hapless housewife to come along.

The truth is, it would have cost me scads of money to reupholster that beast. And taken most of my precious weekend, and possibly even challenged a perfectly good marriage. Besides, I don't really like the shape of it anyway. I want something with cleaner lines.

So, here's to knowing when to put down the nail-gun and walk away.

Although, as I was walking away I noticed the ugly brown table that we have sitting in a corner in the guest bedroom... I'm thinking maybe a future ottoman?


  1. A respectable decision....I am terrified to try upholstering furniture!!! Do you know the store Mill End Textiles? They sell high-end fabric for cheap...tons of upholstery should check it out. We have one in Sioux Falls.

  2. Good for you...way to walk away before it sucked your entire weekend. And at least now it's out of the house, so it's still progress!

  3. I've considered fixing one of my chairs too and let me tell you that it's much, much uglier than your poor green chair. It's currently covered in a saggy, sad slipcover. Maybe I'll just be content with the sad slipcover a little bit longer. At least until I can afford some new stuff! Upholstery just sounds a bit scary.

  4. @ Emily- Yes! I love Mill-End! I haven't been there in a while, but you are right, they have some great deals. I should check that out again.

    @ Cindy- good point. It does feel like a small amount of progress at least!

    @ Ashley- yes, it does sound scary. I'm with you on that, sometimes it's best to just be content and not try to fix everything! =)



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