Monday, April 5, 2010

a day off

Today, we had a day off. It was fabulous. I actually dragged myself out of bed before 10 am (what a feat!) so that made the day even longer and more glorious.

It was fun to celebrate the birthday of this handsome man, that I have the pleasure of being married to:

We went to the Tea Garden to celebrate, and Josh got a taro cooler. What is Taro, you ask? Supposedly, it is made from sweet potato roots. It has a nutty, vanilla-y taste and is really quite good. I got my favorite: spiced chai. YUM.

To anyone who lives in the Twin Cities metro area: you should check out the Tea Garden. Anyone who lives out of state: come visit me and I will take you there personally!

We also found the house that we will buy someday.

It's perfect. It's also within walking distance of the Tea Garden!


  1. The Tea Garden sounds like my kind of place! I love tea, chai especially! The house is beautiful too. I'd love to have something like that some day. Those historic old homes are just amazing.

  2. The Tea Garden looks awesome! My husband's fam lives in Bloomington, so I get up to MN very often. Maybe we could meet at the Tea Garden someday?!

    Love the house, too!

  3. Michelle- that would be so fun! I would love to personally introduce to to the Tea Garden- I think there's one in Bloomington too! Plus, it would be super fun to meet you! Welcome back, by the way. =)

    Ashley- if you like chai TG has really good stuff. It is a little on the sweet side, but it's quite good!

  4. Happy Belated Birthday to your Hubby! MMMMmmmm......spiced chai is my fave, too! I've never had Taro but it sounds yummy : ]

  5. Thanks Joye! yay, another chai tea fan. =)

    Deidra- Thanks! He did have a good birthday (at least, he said he did!). =)



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