Friday, April 2, 2010

Freaks of Human Nature

Hooked on Houses is hosting a "Freaky Friday" showcase of bad MLS photos.
In honor of the occasion, I have scrounged up a few of my own. These are all from Minneapolis/St. Paul listings, and this is just a smidgen of what I found...
Loving the neutral colors and the.... brilliant blue carpet?

Dinner for two.

I don't know what is more creepy- that the dog has to be in a cage, or that the cage seems to be in a small child's room? "Sleep tight, don't let the BULLDOGS bite..."

"Honey, I'm going to go soak in the tub and gaze at our new stacked washer and dryer." Such a lovely sight.

The large, mirrored doors. The giant leather (?) headboard, the pukey pink walls. Just screams "relaxing," and "dream-like" to me.

Well, there's my meager addition to the feast. Seriously, you should go check out the party here. You won't be sorry you did!


  1. Okay, the caged dog in the child's room is a little creepy, isn't it? And even if that is where the dog "lives," why wouldn't they move it out of the photo?

    I'm also cracking up over your "dinner for two" photo. That's an awfully big room for such a tiny table and two chairs. Ha.

    Thanks for joining my party! Have a wonderful weekend. :-)

  2. I dunno, the relaxing thump-thump of the dryer might be a welcomed addition to my bath time experience. Ha!

    Great finds!

  3. Nah - it was staged! They brought in that table and two little chairs specially, and now we've hurt their feelings...

  4. Dinner for two looks like a great space but needs a better dining set and get rid of that BLUE carpet!

  5. I followed your link from Hooked on Houses. I do find the shot with the dog kennel very amusing. While my dog is in a kennel during the day, when we put the house on the market I made sure the kennel was moved so it wasn't in any of the pictures, and that she wasn't in it at the time. hahaha! And no..we aren't mean dog owners, our dog has separation anxiety and goes a bit crazy when we leave the house. She's comfy in your kennel, she goes in there by herself and doesn't mind it and if it keeps her from going crazy, I'm all for it.



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