Friday, April 23, 2010

Oh Crap.

Yesterday, my lovely friend A and I were browsing through one of our our favorite lunch-break haunts (second only to the Cookie Man), Marshalls.
Seriously, I can go there with the steeliest intentions of NOT purchasing ANYTHING, and then walk out with a lamp, a pair of shoes, and bottle of 3-year-old olive oil that I have to then lug through the skyway back to my office. A and I are, sometimes, a bad influence on each other. "That's so cute! You totally need that!"

How our husbands must fear that small half-hour of time that can cause so much damage.

So yesterday, we were walking and browsing through Marshalls when A looked at me and said, "We should have a contest. Let's see who can go the longest without buying something for themselves."

My first reaction was, "Wha????" She caught me off guard. Mid-shopping. How can you stand in a place like Marshalls and entertain such thoughts?

But then, I was overcome by the sheer force of will that comes with any challenge presented to me. Like the time my piano teacher told me I couldn't learn and memorize an 8-page Beethoven sonata and perform it in a month. Guess who spent 4 hours a day for the next month practicing and beat that piece of music to a pulp? My dad still gets a nervous eye-twitch when he hears the introduction to the Pathetique Sonata.


So, we pinky-swore on it. Loser has to buy Starbucks coffee. It's totally on.

No buying clothing, home accessories, anything that we just sort of "want" for ourselves. And here's where the OH CRAP comes in. No Goodwill trips for me! But, I can’t go back. I pinky-swore.

I’m thinking that perhaps, this will be a good thing. For several reasons (I love lists…):

1) I won’t be spending extra $$. Not that I spend a lot, I really am a frugal buyer, but it will be nice to have a break from all extra expenses.

2) I can focus on the projects I have sitting around instead of starting new ones. So many times I get derailed from my projects just by finding something new that I want to refurbish or redecorate with.

3) My husband won’t have to say things like “Please don’t buy any more ceramic owls…” as I walk out the front door.

And you, my friends, are now witnesses to this solemn oath. Feel free to place your bets below on how long I will last.


  1. I love Marshalls too!! I worked there for almost three years and most of my paychecks when right back to them.

    #3 on the list had me laughing out loud. I think owls are cute! :)

    Good luck with your challenge!

  2. Thanks Ashley! Yes, I love owls too and apparently a little too much... =)



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