Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Time for a little bling...

I finally realized something a while back. Something that has been nudging me for quite a while, but I never really truly understood. Until now.

Friends, we needed some lamps.

Back-tracking a little here, I must tell you that we have approximately 15 lamps already. Unfortunately, most of them are under 15" tall, are older than my beloved Grandma Bertie, and have what I kindly refer to as "sketchy" wiring. As in, once one of these lamps decided to blow up for no apparent reason whatsoever.

SO... to remedy the situation... we bought some lamps!

I think you may recall a couple of them from this post here, but we also got a sweet new pair for our living room area as well:

I think they are pretty close to what I originally had in mind:

But seriously, the day I spend over $100 dollars on a single lamp will be the day Jessica Simpson decides to go goth. As in, it just won't happen.

The lamps I found were at Wal-Mart. Shades: $10. Base: $15. Total: $50 for two lovely new lamps. Really, you just can't beat that price.

And truthfully, I am mostly excited about the fact that I can now turn on a light switch without fear of explosions. That's worth almost any price!


  1. o.m.g.
    it's AWESOME. you've got such a great eye! (and affordable with minimal risk of explosion? even better!)

  2. Wow, I absolutely love them. The color is just awesome and what a crazy deal. Nice work!!

  3. I love the green. In fact, I like your find better than the inspiration. It's perfect!

  4. LOVE the green lamps! Like them even better than the pricey one! Your comment about Jessica going goth cracked me up.

    I'm sorry to read below that you are facing some difficult times. Saying a prayer for you today!

  5. Wow, I was surprised to hear that some of you like the Wal-Mart lamps more than the inspiration lamp! Yay! That makes my bargain-hunting heart quite happy. =)



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