Monday, July 5, 2010

Baby Bird Update!

I know I promised some pictures of our baby birds! Sadly, the way the nest was built it was really hard to get any pictures while they were still wee baby birds, but here is a more recent picture! They are probably more like teenage birds now.

They are all peeking out of their nest. So cute! We think there are four baby birds. Here they are hanging out on our porch, probably getting ready for a flying lesson.

I love having baby animals around!


  1. You are making me into a bird lover...after being pooped on randomly at Disney World, I had grown cold to birds, but now,,,maybe there's hope...

  2. Oh cute! The babies are so fun!

  3. Oh no, Kristi! That's horrible! I would not be happy about that either!

    I agree, they are super cute when they are little. They love to just huddle together wherever they go. =)



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