Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Featured House #1, A Cottage by the Lake

Something I've been thinking about for quite some time is doing little features on the homes of some of my friends! I love seeing other people's decorating styles, and I know so many women who just have fabulous homes!

First up, the home of my Mom's friend Chris! I grew up with her daughters and have spent a lot of time in their home. I have always admired her effortlessly elegant style! Their home is on a lake, so it has a cottage/beachy/elegant vibe.

The first room you see when you walk in is their breakfast/informal dining room.

Here, the table is set for our 4th of July feast! Chris' husband Jay actually MADE this table. I have always loved it, it is so gorgeous!

In another corner they have an antique icebox. Love!

Their formal dining room is also amazing:

I love the green walls with the dark wood- it looks elegant and yet not fussy! I also really wanted to steal this vase.

And the dining room from another angle:

There's a beautiful front porch as well, separated by some french doors.

And here's a view of the brick fireplace and living room. I love how they use a lot of antiques and antique replicas to stay true to the vintage style of the home.

And finally, a view of the entire living/dining area.

Don't you just love their home? I am so impressed by the way they designed it. Their house feels so homey and yet elegant at the same time! I can definitely say that Chris is one of the people who inspired me to love home design. Thanks for letting me share some of your beautiful home, Chris!

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  1. You're right! It is a beautiful home. it feels peaceful and welcoming. I also love the antique icebox! It's amazing!!



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