Tuesday, July 13, 2010

simple change = big difference

Sometimes, just a little change can make a huge difference! I was browsing through a store a while ago and found a shower curtain for $14.99. Seriously, that's a good deal for a shower curtain. (Our first one from our wedding registry was $50. I'm actually almost ashamed to admit that. But it was a gift). So, I bought it because the fabric was gorgeous, and I figured if I didn't use it for the bathroom, I could definitely find another use for it!

Well, the other day I was bored so I decided to play around with a new look for our bathroom. In case you don't remember what it used to look like, here's a little reminder:

Gray walls, bright shower curtain, little punches of pink and yellow (more pictures can be found here). It was fun, but somehow I always felt like it looked like a college-age bathroom.

So, with a new shower curtain and some accessories that I already had on hand, it became this:

Much more grown up, don't you think? I seriously love the new look. And for $14.99, I think it was a pretty darn good deal! What do you think?


  1. i love it, it looks great, but i like the other shower curtain, too. i'm not even sure what is making the difference, but i guess it's the color scheme? good cheap fix!

  2. @ Miss Corner Cape- Yup, I changed out a bunch of the accessories too! I guess I should have mentioned that as well. =) So, the shower curtain was changed but I also added the 2 vases with vines on the etagere, 2 pictures on the wall by the mirror, and a soap pump (stolen from the kitchen)! So, altogether those created the new look.

  3. I really like it with either curtain. Even though I love your earlier shower curtain (those colors!!) I know what you mean when you say it just felt like a college-type thing to you - because I've had that feeling about spaces even when others didn't see it in photos.

  4. I like this new one! It has lots of character and I like the touch of blue at the bottom!

  5. I love those jars you have your q-tips and cottonballs in! What a great idea...might have to steal that one!

    The new curtain looks great too!

  6. @ Jane- Yes! That's exactly it! I wonder why that is?

    @ Kristi- Thanks! I love blue. =)

    @ Ashley- I got the apothecary jars from GW. I love having little jars to store things in. Somehow it makes even mundane things (like q-tips) so much cuter.

  7. It does look very elegant. Lovely!

  8. Pretty and fresh -- love the glass jars, too. I have to add, though, that I do love the other shower curtain, too -- bright colors make me instantly happy! Both are quite lovely...



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