Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fall Garland

My sister and I went out scavenging for Fall leaves last week. We decided to go around 8 pm, which of course meant that it was nearly pitch black outside. So, I grabbed Josh's trusty flashlight to help us find the choicest leaves.

Unfortunately, the flashlight was on it's last leg of battery life so it was no help at all. I resorted to picking up handfuls of leaves and holding them as close as possible to my face without inhaling them in order to find some acceptable specimens. Elsie was far more interested in finding the crunchiest leaves to jump on, so really, I was on my own.

We found a tree that had all these pretty red berries, so I stuffed my pockets full of those too! I love stealing from nature. Or maybe it's just borrowing.

I like the leaves we found- I think they look more weathered and interesting than what I normally would have been looking for.

(Or maybe I'm just saying that because I don't want to admit that hunting for leaves when it's pitch black outside is NOT the smartest thing to do...)


  1. Oh how I miss Indiana and it's beautiful leaves. Thanks for sharing!

  2. It's totally borrowing -- It all ends up outside again eventually, right? =)

    Those berries look yummy.. though i'm certain you shouldn't eat them!!!

    Jenn L @ Peas and Crayons

  3. Haha, you are right Jenn! They are probably poisonous! Yuck!

  4. haha! You're cute! The garland looks very festive! Those berries are crabapples- their not poisonous but I don't imagine they taste all that great. The squirrels and birds like them.

  5. I love this! In fact I loved it so much that this afternoon I have a post scheduled that just points people over here to see how you made it!

    PS: Love the new blog design!

  6. Jane, thanks so much! I was pleasantly surprised to see this on your blog! You are too sweet. =)

  7. Hi! I found you on The Fence. I am your newest follower. I love finding new blogs and yours is lovely:) You can find me at

    If you come by, take a peek at my giveaways. Everything is handmade and gorgeous!!

  8. Hi Hanna! Thanks so much for stopping by, I'm so glad you like my blog! I will check out your blog too, thanks for the link!



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