Monday, November 8, 2010

Inspiration for Monday Morning... (Warning, Early Christmas Decor Post!)

Sorry for the involuntary blogging break, y'all! I have been thinking about my blog and missing it, but there has been LOTS going on with work and life. Mostly good stuff. =)

However, I have been keeping my eyes open for my inspiration files for the upcoming Christmas season, and I thought it would be the perfect time to share some with you! So here's a few things that have been catching my eye as of late:

#1 Milk glass

(You can find this set of 2 vases for #20.00 at this etsy shop.)

Yes, it's been around for a while and honestly, I think it's a trend that will keep on keeping on! Milk glass is so simple and blends so easily with many different styles. In fact- the November issue of Family Circle magazine has a GORGEOUS holiday decorating section featuring milk glass! I tried to find pictures online, but sadly it doesn't look like they have any up. Did any of you see that issue yet?

#2 Faux Mercury Glass

(Image from Take the Side Street blog).

I have been dying to try this technique myself, but alas, I can't seem to find that darn mirror spray paint! I might have to just order it from Amazon... Anna from Take the Side Street posted a great tutorial on using this technique to make glass look mirrored and antiqued, without using any harsh chemicals.

On a side note- as Anna mentions in her tutorial, you really have to find the "Mirror-Like" spray paint from Krylon. I have tried using regular "silver" and is just doesn't look the same. I will keep on looking though...


(all images from Martha Stewart dot com).

Need I say more?

Most of the time, I am all about the natural, pretty type of home decor. But when Christmas is on the horizon, I suddenly have to resist the urge to buy a huge vat of glitter and dip every decoration I own into it. What's up with that? Does anyone else suffer from this illness?

Well, that's all I have for now! Hope you have a wonderful start to your week!


  1. I may just have to jump on the glitter wagon with you, so pretty!

  2. I am very tempted to try that antiqued mirror finish! Love that look but don't like to spend the know how it is! :)

  3. First off - YAY!!!!!!!!! YOU'RE BACK! <3
    Secondly - Those gold glitter candles... I NEED them! obv I first need to find some cheapo candelabra's and some crazy gold glitter buuut... It will be done!

    I'm glad to hear you're mini hiatus is b/c of good stuff at work! Fabulous!

    Jenn L @ Peas & Crayons

  4. Thanks for sharing my mercury glass! I found my Looking Glass paint at Hobby Lobby, but I know that the larger Michael's and JoAnn's carry them too, you'll just have to call around and ask. I did end up pick mine up 2 1/2 hours away when I was visiting my parents for the weekend... my Michael's is apparently a small one. SIGH! It's like they're trying to hide the fabulousness away from the peole who need it oh-so-very much :)

    Also, I loooove the glitter ornaments. I die. Had to copy the photo, the gears in my brain are a-turnin'... have a good Monday!

  5. Thanks y'all! I'm so glad to be back too. =)

    Anna- thanks so much for the comment! That certainly helps a lot! I did check Michael's and Joanns, and none of the employees seemed to know what I was talking about! I will check Hobby Lobby though, we have one pretty close by! Thanks again!

  6. I LOVE milk glass! It's unassuming and pretty. Thrift stores and antique stores are a good place to find it to, though you might pay a bit more for a unique piece.

    I also love glitter. It's not something I use much in normal life but I love how it catches the light and it just brings back the happy, carefree days of youth. :)

  7. I really didn't think I was a glitter kind of a person, but those candlesticks might make me change my mind! Beautiful.

  8. Cindy- I agree! I do like glitter, but there's something about those candlesticks that really make my heart sing!



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