Friday, December 10, 2010

Project #3: Moss-Covered Christmas Trees

Another fun project I took on this year was finding a way to use 2 foam tree forms that I have had lying around for the past year. I had tried covering them in fabric, tulle, ribbon, and several other things but just wasn't happy with the results. But this year, I decided to try a new approach.

I decided I wanted them to look simple, natural, and un-fussy. So, I used the moss that has been sitting in this jar since last Spring to cover the forms.

I started by pulling out strands and winding them together to wrap around the foam tree, but that ended up being really time-consuming and was using a ton of the moss. So, I switched gears and used hot glue to affix the moss onto the foam in small patches.

Here's a couple tips, if you decide to tackle this project on your own!

1) Paint the tree form green (if the one you have is already green, obviously you wouldn't have to do that!). This helps to make them look more polished since there are no other colors peeking through the moss!

2) Moss can be kind of messy to work with, so I would recommend doing this on a surface that can be easily cleaned! I ended up with green powdery stuff all over myself and my white carpet, which vacuumed up fine but was still a bit of a pain.

3) Finally, hot glue was not the best choice of adhesive because it leaves tiny strands of glue that are nearly impossible to get out of the moss! But I would recommend using a clear glue (or something that dries clear) that dries quickly.

Happy Holiday Decorating!


  1. You are so crafty my dear friend! I love to decorate and make my house look beautiful, but I've never been one to enjoy actually putting things together with my own two hands, lol. I'm always quite impressed with people like you!!

    We should try to get together soon, before we have our Broadway revue meeting in January, even though I know that might be hard with the holidays, but we could try! I'd love to go for coffee sometime!

  2. You are super talented and remind me of my hero Martha Stewart!!!

  3. Oh wow, Kristi! Thanks for the compliment. =) I am definitely no Martha, but I can aspire right? =)



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