Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It needs... Something.

There's a corner of my living room that was starting to look a little ho-hum. I've been planning to paint this small round table for a while, once the weather gets more balmy, and subsequently this whole space just looked like it was waiting for something.

So, I decided to tackle it yesterday and make it blend a little more with the rest of our living area by bringing some warmth in.

Here it is before:

And now here it is after:

Yup, the changes were pretty small and I am still going for as much of an unfussy, uncluttered look as I can! But, I wanted to bring in a little of the "granny chic" element that I love so dearly, so I framed this tiny needlepoint that I made a while back.

The frame used to be a glossy black, but with a coat of white spray paint it was easily transformed!

Next, I wanted to pull in some of the orangy-red tones I have going on in the rest of the living room, as evidenced below...

So using my trusty color-printer (actually, it's just a cheap printer I got for free and you literally have to feed it pages like a baby for it to work at all), I pulled together one of my favorite quotes on a colorful background.

It's the perfect quote, since a whole lotta reading and tea drinking tend to take place here!

Also- you might have noticed that uber-cool orange vase on the bottom of the table, it was a gift from a fellow-blogger and dear friend Cindy. She read my blog and saw that I was incorporating some orange tones into the living room and she gave it to me. Isn't that great?

So there you have it. A little more cozy, a little less gray all over the place. Happy Wednesday everyone!


  1. even though it was a small remix it still looks really good. I love that quote too it is perfect for reading.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Melissa and for the comment!

  3. I kept meaning to comment on this post in particular but I never had the opportunity!

    I love that you call it "Granny Chic"!

    Your needlepoint is beautiful. I'm terrible at it. My grandmother and mother tried to teach me when I was younger but I was always ripping out stitches!

  4. Thanks Christina! So glad you liked the needlepoint! I think I made a few mistakes on it, but thankfully it was a pattern that could hide them easily. =)



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