Thursday, January 13, 2011

Just Dreaming (of Anthropologie)

Do you enjoy window shopping? I'm crazy, I suppose, but I really do. Sometimes I like it even more than actually buying things. Less guilt, less $ spent, and less regrets (why didn't I buy the blue one?).

One of my favorite places to window shop (online usually) is Anthropologie. I just cannot get enough of their fun things! However, their prices can be really appalling (sorry Anthro, but it's true!). I went there once with a $50 giftcard and could barely afford a t-shirt. Seriously.

Oh well, but a girl can dream right? So here's a few things that caught my eye that would blend in seamlessly (or add just the right punch) to my decor:

Starting off with some kitchen-y things, these bowls are SO lovely. I would imagine that ice cream would taste even better in something like this.

Also, these cute glasses would be perfect for holding ice tea or lemonade in the summertime (anyone else dreaming of Summer right now?).

This rug would work really well in our living room, I think! I love the soft gray color and the understated pattern. It would blend easily into a lot of different styles.

I'm thinking this mirror would look lovely over our couch, or even over a cute vintage pedestal sink in a bathroom.

I love the bright, citrus-y tones of this lamp. It would definitely add character wherever you put it, and shines even without the light on!

Finally, I thought this side table was so unique and fun! I love pieces that add visual interest and make a room exciting and different, and I think this little table would definitely pack a punch.

So there's my window shopping/dreaming from Anthro. How about you? What are some of your favorite places to window shop?

(All images from anthropologie dot com).

Side note: I was not compensated in any manner for mentioning Anthropologie or their merchandise. In fact, if you like any of these things I would encourage you to go on a treasure hunt and see if you can find something similar for WAY cheaper. Then email me at and tell me all about it! Cheers!


  1. Veggies would taste even better in those bowls too1 =) Um... I want it all!

  2. haha! I'm glad I posted my comment about Anthropologie on your desk blog post before you posted this one. I'm SO not surprised that you love the stuff there. It's very you! I absolutely love it too, but like you, the prices always keep me from buying. I stop by nearly every time I'm in the Twin Cities though, just to look and admire. I just love the feel of the store.

    I love those bowls!

    Also, pretty positive you can find glasses like that at antique store/flea market. They're usually loaded with hobnail glassware (which I also love!) It comes in every color of the rainbow too. Vintage glassware is so fun!



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