Friday, January 21, 2011

Tastefully Arranged

What is it about fruit that is so appealing this time of year? Is it the bright, citrusy pops of color against a bleak winter background? Is it the boost of vitamins that we're craving because of the lack of sunlight?

Whatever the reasons, I'm inextricably drawn to edible centerpieces right now. There is no wax fruit in this house, we use the real deal.

I just love the bright, fresh pop of color that it brings. It makes me smile a little every time I see it!

The only problem with edible centerpieces is that they seldom last more than a day in my house...


  1. It's so true! 'Round about this time every year I start going crazy for color. Two years ago I wandered into Williams Sonoma and almost spent $18 on a dishtowel because IT WAS COLORFUL! I still dream about the dishtowel. It was beautiful. And colorful.

  2. Haha Cindy- I am the same way! I wonder if Tarjay has colorful dishtowels for a little cheaper... =)

    Jenn- thanks! I thought the pear was just begging for an awesome 'stache!

  3. me too! we eat about 3-4 apples a day (4 of us in the house) and green grapes and oranges are also our favorite.

  4. Is that a world market table runner I spy? I have the placemats in a different color scheme :)

  5. Christina- actually, it's from a different store. I can't remember the name of the boutique I bought it at, but it's definitely similar to ones I have seen at world market!



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