Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Simply Spring

I know everyone is going a little Spring crazy right now! It's 50 degrees here in MN, and it feels like a heatwave! Everywhere I look, I'm seeing Spring decorations and colors. It's hard to resist the urge to buy stuff to bring some Spring into our home, but instead I am opting for some easy, quick crafts that are just as welcoming.

So here's a super-quick, easy way to turn coffee filters into some pretty flowers!

I used the smaller-sized filters, but you could definitely use larger ones for fuller flowers.

Fold it in half twice like so:

Then, twist the bottom and fluff the flower until it looks visually appealing. =)

Secure with floral wire:

Then, wrap some floral tape around the whole stem.

Just for funsies, I also grabbed my makeup kit and dusted some blush on the flowers for a little more color. You could also use tea to dye them darker, or spray on food coloring diluted in water to add a dose of color!

See how easy that was? And I didn't even spend a single cent. How are you welcoming Spring into your home this year?


  1. Those flowers are the cutest! I'm going to make some tonight :) Us minnesotans are all breaking out the shorts and t-shirts, right? now that it's above freezing? haha.

  2. Thanks Meri! Yes! I am totally going on a hunt for my summer clothes soon, it's so wonderful to have the sun back!

  3. It will be 60 degrees and sunny tomorrow here in NJ...can't wait to take the kids to the park, finally! love this craft, so pretty

  4. You are a clever girl!!! Very cute.



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