Wednesday, April 27, 2011


The title of this post is exactly what came out of my mouth (at a very high frequency, I might add), when I opened my early birthday present from my hubby and found this baby nestled inside.

Seriously. I have been using my husbands old point-and-click pocket sized camera for the past 2 years of blogging. And while it was very sweet of him to let me hijack his camera (thanks babe!) I'm SOOOO happy to finally have a camera that captures exactly what it sees. Especially since our house is rather dark to begin with, it is so nice to have a camera that actually functions well in low light. Also, thanks to the Optical Image Stabilization, no more blurry pictures ever again! I'm no photographer, so I won't get into all the gory details. I will just let the photos speak for themselves.

So here's a "Before" with our old camerama:

Using the flash makes me very, very sad.

New Camera:

But now, I don't have to use the flash! And I can get awesome pictures! This camera makes my house look better, and you know I love that.

I'm so excited to use this camera from now on and get a better quality of photos for this little blog of mine! I love that I can take 1 amazing picture as opposed to 50 crappy ones. Ok, end of spiel. How about you? What kind of camera do you use for blogging?


  1. Happy early Birthday! What a wonderful present!


  2. Oh fun!!!! We just used our point and shoot for the first couple years, but then we bought my dad's Rebel from him when he upgraded. And I love it. I just don't actually know how to use it....

  3. Happy almost Birthday! Sweet camera. I got the Canon Powershot SX120 IS for Christmas 2 years ago - and it's pretty good but it was way overpriced back then. I do love how it takes better photos in low light. Have fun!!!!

  4. That is so exciting!!! We splurged on a Canon Eos Rebel XS about a year ago and I am in love with it! We also picked up an external flash which is awesome for taking pictures on cloudy days or in the rooms that don't get much natural light. I can turn it to bounce the light off of the ceiling so that the light is diffused and doesn't wash everything out. It was a bit pricey but I recently heard about this $30 alternative: Just something you might be interested in at some point. I'm so excited for you and can't wait to see the new pics!

  5. Cindy- That's so awesome that you were able to buy your dad's camera! Don't worry, I'm in the same boat as you. I love taking pictures but really have absolutely NO idea what I'm doing!

    Jane- Thanks! I know, I can't believe how pricy cameras used to be. Josh got this one for less than I paid for my old point-and-click 5 years ago. So crazy!

    Megan- That sounds amazing. I need to check that out! It would be so nice to get a little more light in our space for taking better pictures. Sounds like a great alternative!

  6. How wounderful!!!! I love the photos from the new camera :)

  7. Thanks Suzette! I love them too!

  8. Congratulations! There is a significant difference between the old and new camera!

    I use my Nikon D90 for my blog photos, but that's definitely not what I started with. I used to have a Sony Cybershot. That was the camera that taught me to love photography. Then I upgraded to my mom's DSLR Olympus and I learned that being able to tell the camera how to take the picture changes everything. I've never looked back.

    I used to be in the same boat as you and Cindy though. That DSLR confused me to the point of frustration in the beginning. I took a class a local community college and did lots and lots of research online. It made all the difference!

    Anyway, this is turning into a novel (but what else would you expect from me when you blog about photography?). I wish you many wonderful photos!

  9. so so jealous!!!! ahhh congrats! happy early birthday gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Ashley- Thanks for the comment! It's neat to hear about your experiences with photography from a professional level! I had a Sony Cybershot for a while too. =) Taking a class sounds like it was a really good idea. I've thought about that too, but I'm just not sure if it's something I should invest in quite yet.

    Jenn- Thanks! I'm so amazed by the difference a new camera makes, hopefully it will help me be a better blogger too. =)

  11. All I took was a two night continuing education class at the local community college. Each class was two hours in length. Total cost $60. Finally figuring out how to use my camera- near priceless.

    Just to give you an idea... :)

  12. Hmm, interesting! I may have to check out something like that. You are right, it's totally worth it to learn more about the camera. It seems so complicated to me, but maybe just learning more would help me feel more confident. Thanks for the advice friend!



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