Thursday, April 7, 2011


I shouldn't be so shocked, but you guys just blew me away with your encouraging, sweet comments on my latest skirt refashion! It sounds like you don't mind too much if I do more posts on fashion... so I'm super excited about that! I actually went a little crazy and MADE a dress from scratch yesterday. Haha! So, I will be posting about that soon.

One of my lovely commenters (also a dear friend from my old college days, who is an uber-stylish chick and has her own blog here), asked how long it takes to do these refashions.

Well, usually they take me about 1-2 hours. I have to tell you though, that I don't worry a whole lot about what the garments look like inside. I'm just not picky, and I'd rather be wearing it than taking tons of time to make it perfect! So usually, after pulling apart lining and such and machine-sewing the outermost layer, I just do a quick stitching up the inside lining so it doesn't come apart again. It really cuts down on the amount of time it takes. I've been doing refashioning for a few years now, and 99% of the time the garments can withstand a lot of wear, so it's obviously not an issue in that respect!

Hope that answers some of the questions. You guys are awesome! I love hearing your thoughts, so keep 'em coming!

P.S. The photo I used above was from our engagement shoot, taken by my talented photographer friend Andrea. The sweater was also a refashion... sadly with no before picture! Just imagine it MUCH wider (had to take in about 2 inches on each side), and with long bell-sleeves. Yeah. After wearing it for this shoot, I accidentally washed it in warm water and it shrank to a doll-sized cardigan. Bummer.


  1. Um, the "WOW" should refer to that gorgeous photo of you!!!

    In other news, I have three random springtime refashions to share next week while I'm away!! Wheee!!

    We should start a "refashioner's club" :)

  2. I think its so cool that you refashion things or "upcycle" them. You celebrate Earth Day all year long :)

  3. I LOVE fashion, and refashion sounds amazing! Bring it on!

  4. I love that pic of you. Wow!!

  5. Jane- Gosh, thanks. =) You are really too sweet. I am totally in for the "Refashioners Club." Sounds awesome! I really can't wait to see what you've been up too...

    Meri- Haha, thanks! It's true, recycling in it's most fashionable form!

    Kristi- Good, I'm glad that it seems like a lot of people really enjoy seeing some refashions. It will be fun to do more of them.

    Cindy- Thank you! That was back in my skinnier days... enough said. =)

  6. you're so pretty =) love that photo! and MAN you're quick! restyles would take me dayyyys I bet!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  7. Aw, thanks Jenn. =) Well, I've had lots of practice with sewing, but it definitely used to take me a lot longer!

  8. Here is an idea (unless you are already doing it). Keep track for one year how much you spend at GW and how many items of clothing you end up with both refashioned and not. It would be interesting to know how much money one can save while still looking fabulous! I just went to the thrift store the other day and I always walk out thinking, "why don't I come here more?". What is your favorite thrift store?

  9. Hmm, that is an interesting idea Ingrid! I will have to try that out! My favorite thrift store is definitely Goodwill. =) I've been thrifting for years, and so far they seem to havethe best stuff + prices.



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