Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tea for Two

Josh and I recently found a new Tea place to buy loose leaf tea (it's called TeaSource, for any of you hardy Minnesotans!). I love going there and browsing through all the different teas and deciding on a fun new one to try!

But even more than that, I love coming home and pouring the new tea into my pretty tea canister. I know, I'm a huge dork. But I just LOVE blue and white ceramics. Ahh.

Last Saturday, after our excursion to the tea shop, we returned with some new tea. However, after throwing away the bag with the directions for steeping, I realized that it might be nice to remember the name of the tea and the brewing directions. Then, I also remembered seeing somewhere that it's super easy to write on porcelain with a dry erase marker.

It was an epiphany.

Friends, I went a little crazy after I found out how easy and fun it is to use porcelain as a dry erase board. I know it's been done before but never actually tried it myself. The possibilities are practically endless!

Here's my favorite idea:

Isn't it cute? Another fun idea would be using tiny porcelain plates for nameplates at a fancy dinner, or you could even hang a plate on your fridge for a handy white board. I think these are so much cuter than the plain ol' white boards you can buy at the store.

In other news, we are still waiting for Spring to arrive here in MN. So if any of you Southern bloggers could try to coax the warmth up here for us, it would be greatly appreciated!


  1. oh my you are just too cute!!
    i also love the blue and white. just something about it so classic and wonderful!
    and i never knew that you could write on porcelain
    so great!!

  2. Haha, thanks Amber! Yay, I'm glad someone else is just finding that out too. I seriously feel like I've been missing out!

  3. What a fun plate idea! I love it! I used to work next to a TeaSource back in college, and loved it!

  4. Meri- so cool! I really love that place. It's so fun to just walk in and be greeted by all the smells of tea!

  5. Now that IS a great idea, with the menu on the plate.

  6. Thanks Jane! I am excited to use this idea for future dinner parties. =)



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