Monday, June 13, 2011

Oh, what a weekend!

We had such a wonderful, crazy busy weekend! My baby sister Morna (pictured above with my mom) is graduating from High School, so we had her graduation open house at my parent's house on Saturday. Which meant lots of work and preparation, but it was so much fun! We made 200 cupcakes from scratch (Yowza!). I can't believe Morna has already graduated. It's kind of surreal to see my baby sister growing into such a beautiful, Godly young woman! We are all so proud of her. 

On Sunday, Josh worked on the flooring some more in the kitchen (we left a couple of tiles off in order to get the kitchen functioning again, so he had to lay those). Just an FYI to anyone who decides to put tile in their house: it doesn't take that long to actually lay the tile, but you have to wait 24 hours each for the different materials to set (grout and thin-set). Super fun. 

While he worked on that, I continued my efforts in our 2nd bedroom, which is more like the craft/sewing/music room right now! I painted the room last weekend while my dad and Husband were tiling, so the pictures below do not show the new color!

I am selling this desk (above) on Craigslist... I love it, but it's just not my style right now and I don't feel like repainting it! So hopefully that will be gone soon... 

My sewing machine is still there, but neatly folded into a table for storage. The green chair is also going bye-bye! 

The biggest reason this room needs a re-do is because I will be teaching piano lessons here starting tomorrow! I have 2 new piano students, and I want this space to be bright and cheerful and have a great atmosphere for that.  I also pulled out the bookcase from the picture below and will be using that out in the room again.

Sorry for all the "before" pictures, but trust me, the room is in utter chaos right now! I'm really looking forward to having it all finished.

So, what did you do this weekend? Anyone want to come help me organize all my crap? =)


  1. yayay! looking forward to seeing it more complete. i know what you mean about not wanting to hang on to furniture that's not quite your style, where you don't really want to make any effort to try and improve it. hope it sells fast on craigs.
    this weekend, i went to a beer brewing festival, a family party for twin cousins, and hit up the st. louis zoo, mighty busy :) and fun!

  2. 200 cupcakes from scratch is a definite yowza! and you guys rock for taking that on.

  3. Sarah- Yes, hopefully I will be able to post more pictures soon! Sounds like an awesome weekend that you had! I have been wanting to go to our zoo here for a while... hopefully we can go sometime soon.

    cape on the corner- Yes, it was a huge undertaking. Thankfully, they turned out really well! My mom is a total rockstar in the kitchen.

  4. Oh my word! 200 cupcakes? I'm impressed. : ) Can't wait to see the new kitchen floor!

  5. You DO have a lot of excitement in your life right now...200 cupcakes (yikes!) kitchen floor (yay!)...updated living space (fun!)...and new piano students (congratulations!).

    Please keep us updated on all those exciting changes!

  6. You teach piano? How fun! You have so many hidden, and wonderful talents!



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