Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Thrifty Finds

Sadly, I haven't been thrifting as much as I would like to lately! It's the end of our budget, and it's also been a busy couple of weeks (this past weekend we had TWO family weddings, one day apart! Yikes!). However, I do have a couple of treasures to share with you!  

I found this tray at GW for only 49 cents. It's tiny, but it's definitely vintage and has the cutest gold print on it. It will be perfect for serving drinks on the porch! 

I actually found this cow creamer from good ol' Target, but on clearance! It was around $3 I think. Target can be pretty thrifty sometimes! I'm always on the lookout for fun new kitchen items, and this has definitely gotten a few comments since I've started using it. He made an appearance at a tea party with my cousins just last week!

Alas, that's about all I have for now! However, I will leave you with a little giggle-inducing picture of what our kitty has been up to lately:

This is what happens when a kitty decides to be overly curious and explore the space between the sliding glass door and the screen, and when her owners are cruel enough to actually shut the door for a moment in order to get a good picture of it. 

Don't worry, she was only there for about 10 seconds. Maybe 15.


  1. Yep, I LOL'ed at work, thanks to your kitty. That's awesome. Totally awesome.

  2. Haha! Love it. Good thing kitty's skinny. : )

    ps CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU!!!!

  3. I LOVE the cow creamer! how cute! and have fun at your tea party :)

  4. Jane- Haha, glad you found it as hilarious as I did!

    Cindy- We are SO EXCITED too! Can't wait to see you guys and catch up with you!

    Meri- Yes, I love it too! So much personality. =) Thanks!

  5. Thanks for posting about my birthday on my blog today, it made me smile! We have to do coffee when you come visit NJ my dear!!!!!!!!! love you! I love your thrifty ways :) and your kitty

  6. Kristi- You are SO welcome! That sounds wonderful. =) I have two blogging friends that hail from NJ, so it sounds like a trip there is definitely in order some time!

  7. LOVE the cow creamer!! Also, your cat smooshed in the patio door is pretty funny too. It's hilarious how the get themselves stuck in tiny spaces. My cat used to crawl up underneath my dresser and squeeze herself into the drawer. I'm still not quite sure how she exactly managed that feat, but it was always really obvious that she had been in there- thanks to loads of fur!

  8. Ashley- I know, isn't it hilarious? Cats are so crazy with the tiny places they can cram themselves into. That is SO funny about your cat! Too cute!



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