Tuesday, July 5, 2011


So last year, we had some barn swallows move in as our next-door neighbors! Actually, they kind of just built their house right on our house and we didn't have much of a choice but to accept them as neighbors.

We noticed that they had babies about halfway through the summer, but sadly we couldn't really peek at them since their nest was in an awkward location. The picture above was as close as I could get to that nest! 
But this year, they came back and built another nest, this time right next to our garage! 

And, you guessed it, they just had babies. Oh, the cuteness. Every time I walk outside I get dive-bombed by the parents, but it's worth it to be able to look up and see four little yellow beaks peeking out from their nest. I mean really, how cute is this? 

I'm just amazed by the beauty of God's creation, happening right outside my front door! Do you have any cute little feathered or furried neighbors?


  1. Oh, that second photo is just precious!
    We have a ton of birds that frequent our yard, despite our hoard of animals :) I love watching them. Unfortunately if I see a baby bird, cat misbehavior is involved and it usually ends tragically.

  2. How sweet is that? Our yard is filled with Mama and baby quail. One of the mamas has 10 babies and it's so fun to watch them all running around the yard and tripping over the grass. That nest looks really cozy and it looks like it was made out of dryer lint.

  3. Cute! We have a feeder on our balcony so we get birdie visitors- but our old home which was built into a woodsy hill got much better birds- woodpeckers, finches, cardinals, bluejays- right in the city!

  4. I love it! they look so cute all lined up!



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