Thursday, August 4, 2011

Awkward (Housewife) Moments

I'm pretty sure that I have just won the "Awkward Housewife of the Year Award." Trust me, I would bet you some serious money that I am the only person in the world this has ever happened to...

I did a big ol' load of laundry yesterday, and then went to put it in the dryer, only to discover that my laundry was covered in a strange white, fibrous substance. Literally, every inch of of every single piece of clothing was covered. Like when you accidentally leave a tissue in the pocket of your jeans, but x100. 

I surmise that somehow, an entire roll of toilet paper somehow fell into the washer as I was doing laundry.

Oh yes. An entire roll. I even found remnants of the cardboard roll in the middle. Thankfully, toilet paper dissolves in water. Unfortunately, it doesn't dissolve enough.

So Josh and I spent some time shaking out each article of clothing (as evidenced by the "snow" on our porch), and now I am rewashing everything, but I also suspect I will have to spend some serious time with a lint roller this week.

Please tell me that you have also had some awkward housewife moments? I need a little support here. =)

P.S. Thanks everyone for the kind thoughts and prayers re: my last post. Josh is doing just fine, and has not had any more issues since that night! Praise the Lord! He is, however, going to dramatically scale back his workout routines for a while. =) 


  1. Nope, no one else....only you. I guess you win. How did that happen? You do know that you're supposed to flush the stuff right? It's not washable and re-useable.

  2. Hahaha! That's hilarious! I wonder how that got in there. My awkward housewife moment of the week was when I was searching through my fabric box (an underbed storage box with, yes, a lid) and found a used diaper. WHAT THE HECK?! How did that get in there? I have no idea. At least it was only used with . . . you know . . . #1, and it was all rolled up tight and not even smelly. I just wonder how long it was in there and how on earth it got buried in my fabric box. Gross.

  3. Holly- seriously? I thought you could just toss it in the wash and reuse it... my bad. =D

    Rachel- That is AWESOME! Thank you, it did make me feel a bit better. How funny! I can't believe it didn't smell at all, guess you use a really good brand of diapers!

  4. The ferrets make SNOW out of TP rolls when i'm dumb enough to leave them under cabinets where they can destroy them. oy

    I put a napkin in the dryer once... and I feel your snowy pain! lol

  5. That's seriously hilarious. I wonder if you could just re-wash everything?
    Ryan has a story about how I tried to wash my down feather pillow. Which is totally do-able. Except, apparently, when the pillow is 30 years old.
    He opened the dryer and a huge cloud of feathery bits flew at him.



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