Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bledded Wiss

Yesterday, my honey and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary! I can't believe it has already been 2 years since I walked down the aisle and married the love of my life. My, how time flies!

We celebrated by getting dressed up, and going out to one of my favorite restaurants (Josh had never been there, but I'm assuming that now he has experienced it he loves it too!), The Loring Pasta Bar. I seriously love that place. The food is to die for, and the ambience is spectacular! 

I love the rustic look of the building- lots of exposed brick and industrial texture mixed with some lavish, moroccan style furnishings. Yummy. 

Of course, I did not spend the whole time taking pictures of the restaurant. I focused on the dinner with my hubs, but what can I say, I am a home-decorating blogger and can never completely switch off that side of myself! =D

See what I mean though? Gorgeous. I wonder if they would let me move in? 

Here's what we ate, because I know everyone loves looking at pictures of delicious food that someone else ate:

Artichoke Ramekin with Garlic Bread.

Saffron Chicken Linguine with Cilantro and Basil (!).

Portobello Stuffed Ravioli. Oh my.  

It really was the perfect date. As wonderful as the food + atmosphere were, it's always about who you're there with, and my hubby is my favorite person to spend time with. We laugh, pray, cry, commiserate, work, go on adventures, and do just about everything together. Ok, with the crying, I must admit, it's usually only me. But he is a good soother and always has a spare hankie.

We both have a pretty healthy sense of humor as well, and an innate ability to mess up the words that we are trying to say. So at one point during our date Josh proposed a toast and said, "To 2 years of Bledded Wiss." I think he meant to say Wedded Bliss. AH, we had a good laugh over that one!


  1. Color me jealous! We've been dying to go there, just haven't made it yet. Looks just as wonderful as anticipated! Congratulations on 2 years!!

  2. You two are adorable! Love love love your dress, too. I've never been to Loring, but it's on "the list." That food looks amazing!

  3. Happy Anniversary my anniversary twin! Hope you had a fantastic evening celebrating!!!!! I loved your black and white dress...so chic!

  4. Happy anniversary ya'll!! The food looks so delicious, never heard of the place, Jesse and I will have to try it out someday!! Miss you, we should get together soon!

  5. Happy 2 years you cutie pahtooties!!!! <3 I have to get my butt too that restaurant somehow... holy yum!

  6. Congratulations! And yum! Both the food and decor look simply amazing.

  7. Congrats!! How did I not see this post right away? Thanks for contributing to my afternoon carb cravings at work :)

  8. Happy Anniversary!! I'll bet you both were particularly celebratory after your recent scare with Josh's health!
    (And you just made me hungry...the food looks fabulous!)

  9. oooh that saffron pasta is my fav there!!!!!



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