Thursday, September 22, 2011

Feeling Pinspired

As you know from my post on Monday, the wall above our living room couch is now barren because the shelf that was there started "leaning," and was threatening to topple over at any minute on top of some unsuspecting house guest.

I've been living with the wall like this for a couple of weeks, just to get a feel for what I might like to put up there instead. Just for fun, I thought I would pull some of my Pinterest "inspiration" photos and show you what I'm thinking of (click on each photo for credit). 

First, a collection of prints. I love the botanical prints that are everywhere these days. Yes, they are a little overdone, but they are so classic and lovely that I would be so tempted to jump on the bandwagon!

I also found this photo, and promptly fell in love. 

But what has really been sticking in my brain as of late, is something like this:
I really love the look of mirrors in larger spaces, how they fill up a large wall yet still bounce light around. Here's a couple more that caught my eye: 

I especially love the silvery frame above. It adds just the right touch of elegance and sophistication. 

Gilded/antiqued mirrors are also really in style lately, and I've been thinking about the possibility of DIY-ing one.

So, that's what I'm feeling inspired by. Now, I just have to decide on an idea, scrounge up the money, and make it happen! Any votes on your favorite?


  1. i just saw a set of three mirrors that looked interesting to me...i think it may have been bed bath and beyond? i don't remember exactly, but i remember thinking "hmm" about them. good luck, and can't wait to see the direction you go!

  2. I love the music print and the second photo of the mirrors. They're both fantastic!

  3. Cape on the corner- Thanks for the idea! I will check it out. =)

    Ashley- Yes, I love both of them too! Isn't the music just fabulous? Even if I don't use it for the living room, I think I will need to do that somewhere.

  4. I LOVE all of the above and any of them would look super cute in your space. Can't wait to see what you decide to put into action!!!



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