Monday, September 5, 2011

September Already?

(Photo found via Pinterest)

Can you believe the Summer is officially over? I can't. As usual, the Summer flew by. I'm not TOO sad to see it go though, because Fall is far and above my favorite season of the year!

As we are celebrating Labor Day and peering into a new season, I have lots on my mind! As usual, when I have lots on my mind I must resort to lists. So here goes:
  • I worked at the Minnesota State Fair for 4 days straight last week, selling Fish and Chips at a booth owned by some family friends. It was awesome and excruciating at the same time. Awesome because I got to work with some good friends and some ridiculously cool kids that make me wish I was a teenager again, and excruciating because I spent 8 hours a day yelling things like "I NEED A FISH!" and "WHERE IS MY LOBSTER, YO?" Yup. It was a week to remember!
  • I start teaching again this very week. I am excited to get into a routine again, but I feel rather unprepared. However, I feel unprepared for just about everything so I'm learning to just go with it. As a wise professor once told me, "You may not feel like you know much, but you always know more than they do!" Amen. 
  • Pinterest is going to be my undoing. I realized a while ago that I have been on it too much when I suddenly started having nightmares about wreaths. Seriously, have you SEEN the ridiculous amounts of wreaths that people have been pinning lately? I've been awaking in sheer panic because I don't have one yet for my front door.
  • I painted the trim in our bedroom white finally, it's been a project that has been looming over my head since we bought this place. It took me 2 days to do one room, but I'm so glad it's done! Of course, pictures will be coming soon.
 How about you? Are you excited for the arrival of Fall? Have you been doing anything exciting or different these days? And perhaps most importantly, do you have a wreath for your front door yet??? 


  1. come visit again; I miss you.

    p.s. love the felt flowers!

  2. that wreath is SUPER cute. I bet you could make one just as cuter or probably even cuter, knowing you and your crafty skills!

  3. I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one fixated on all of the wreaths on Pinterest lately!

  4. Wreath nightmares, ha too funny! I dug my fall wreath out today--tis the season. Hope you find the perfect thing for your door!



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