Sunday, October 30, 2011

Easy Image Transfer

In preparation for our Hallowe'en Party, I wanted to make some fun Halloween-themed tags for labeling the different foods.

I searched online for ways to transfer laser-printed images, but all of the tutorials either used items I didn't have on hand, or just didn't work. I first tried using nail polish remover, since acetone is supposed to be able to transfer ink. However, it just made the paper too soggy and the image that transferred was really spotty and just didn't look right.

Well, my brilliant husband finally suggested that I try using 100% acetone instead, which we happened to have in the garage. It worked SOOO well! I couldn't believe how easy it was, and how well the image transferred onto the tags. I would highly recommend this method, since 100% acetone also evaporates so quickly that it doesn't make the paper soggy or wrinkly!

So without further ado, here's what you need to do:

  • Laser printed image (I found mine on the Graphics Fairy website)
  • Paper or fabric or some other porous surface to transfer onto
  • 100% acetone
  • Rubber gloves- IMPORTANT! Acetone can be really harmful to your skin, so you should take proper precautions.
  • Q-tip
  • Masking tape

Using the masking tape, tape your image, printed side down, onto the surface you want to transfer it to. I used some blank tags that I purchased from Jo-Anne fabrics a few years ago.

Wet the Q-tip in the acetone, and gently swipe it over the surface. As the acetone seeps into the paper, you will see the image come through more clearly on the back side. After applying the acetone once, re-apply using the same steps.

Gently peel off the paper and tape, and you will see your beautiful image transferred! Set it aside for about 10 minutes to ensure it is completely dry. Fabric may take longer to dry completely. After it's dry, you are done!  Please make sure to follow the directions for safety on the Acetone container. It's a dangerous substance if not used correctly!

I haven't tried using this on fabric yet, but I think it would work really well. You could also try this on wood, cardboard, or some other porous surface. I am just giddy thinking of all the possibilities, I think I will be using this method for years to come!


  1. What a great trick! I am pinning this for later!

  2. Good, I hope you can use it somehow! I look forward to seeing what you do with it. =)

  3. I saw your article in one of the website and I stumbled here. I visited your all blog post and wonder to watch your creation, Can 't wait to make this dish soon.



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