Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Ghost of Christmases Past...

We haven't put out our Christmas decorations yet (for shame!), mostly because Josh and I have both been sick this week. Ugh. Nothing to dampen the Christmas spirit like a sore throat and a runny nose!

However, I am mentally planning where our decorations will go, and as soon as we have our energy and health back we will get to decorating! Just for fun though, I was looking through our albums of past Christmases here at our little casa. We've been here for 2 Christmases so far, and it's amazing to see how much our home has changed since then!

Our first Christmas here, the decorations were simple and minimal. We still lived with ugly beige walls and a TV stand and coffee table from the 80's. Josh got a Nerf gun for Christmas that year.

Even though the decorations would never be featured in a magazine, it was perfect for us as our very first Christmas as a married couple!

After that Christmas was over, we invested in some more decorations that were on super-sale for the next year! Those got pulled out again one year later for Christmas 2010.

I stuck with a "Green" theme for the dining area. I love lots of greenery at Christmas, and I'm sure that many of these same decorations will be featured again in new ways. I found that berry wreath at GW for only $2! 

I even made some moss-covered trees for a display. I love how they turned out! 

I wrapped some tulle around a few fake mini-trees that we had for a soft, romantic touch. Like little Christmas-tree ballerinas! 

Our tree was decorated with white and silver ornaments, and white lights. Ah, so pretty! It's also a faux-tree that we got on sale for only $10 the year before. 

So that's what our 2 past Christmases have looked like! Just reminiscing about them makes me want to turn on the Christmas music and get decorating.... I have some moldy pumpkins that really need to be replaced with twinkling lights! Have you started your decorating yet?


  1. What a fun idea to compare Christmases past. I can totally relate to the exciting growth of Christmas decor. It definitely takes time to gather the beautiful things we love. p.s. The nerf gun cracks me up! Such a great idea!

  2. I had fun pulling out the old pictures! It does take a while, but you're right, it's fun to gradually build up a collection that you can treasure over the years.



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