Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Most Important Gifts

I got a sweet surprise when I logged into my Facebook account this morning. My Aunt Elizabeth had posted this photo on her wall and wrote this: "This sweet little Nativity is always proudly displayed in our home and is traditionally the first one out every year. Made by the loving hands of my niece when she was around 7. She is now married. Thank you Mikalah for thinking of me when you made this! I'm still so proud of this!!"

Aw, it just about brought tears to my eyes! I remember making this for her. She saw a little doll that I had hand-sewn, and she asked me to make her a nativity set. I was thrilled that she trusted me with such a big project! I had no idea that after all these years, she still had the nativity set.

It's not the most amazing craft ever, since it was made by a seven year old, but I think it goes to show that the gifts we hold most dear often don't carry great monetary value. Instead, it's the love that goes into the giving that is the important part. 

Merry (almost) Christmas, dear friends!


  1. how sweet-i can't believe your 7 year old hands made that!

  2. This is so tenderly sweet Mikalah. The set is darling. I can't believe you made that when you were only seven! You got talent girl!

  3. Thanks you guys! It was so fun to log into facebook and see that my auntie still had these. It's a sweet Christmas memory!



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