Thursday, January 5, 2012

Flowers + Stripes (and a Surprise!!!)

Sometimes, inspiration strikes at the strangest of times. One night, I was laying in bed trying to convince my brain that it was time to fall asleep. Suddenly, right as I was about to give in to sweet slumber, a vision came to me.

What, no one else has visions of the sartorial variety?  =)

So, the next day I happily assembled this outfit, using a sweater that had been neglected for a few years and a lovely skirt given to me by my ever-so-fashionable sister Elsipeth. I knew I had held on to this sweater for some reason. It's fun to pull together a "new" outfit using things you already have on hand sometimes! 

(Skirt- Unknown, Sweater + Boots- Old Navy, Cami + Tights + Skinny Belt- Target)

When I wore this outfit out later to run some errands, I threw on a lovely red jacket (Target) and one of my favorite Christmas presents- this hat made by my talented Mother-In-Law.

Seriously, is she amazing or what? It's styled after a 1920's flapper hat (a cloche), but a little more loose on the top. It's fun to wear, and easy on the hair! 

And now, for the exciting news that I couldn't share before....


It's finally Facebook Official. 

Elsie and Kyle were High School Sweethears (awww!) and now are going to be married in the Fall of 2012. That means not one, but two family weddings are in store this year! I couldn't be happier for my sweet sister and best friend, and her fiance who is already like a brother. 

They got engaged on New Year's Day- Kyle took Elsie to several places that had special meaning to their relationship, gave her sweet little gifts at each one, and finally proposed to her by moonlight next to the Mississippi River. How wonderful is that?

That evening, our immediate family got together to celebrate their engagement. My Dad was playing around with his phone, after he had taken a picture of the ring, and said "Oh, I suppose I shouldn't post this on Facebook yet." We all said "No! Definitely not!" and then he said "Oops."

Thankfully, we managed to delete it (it only took 4 adults and 10 minutes to figure out how to do that... stupid Facebook), and no was was any wiser until their official announcement a few days later. Ah, it's those stories that we will look back on one day and smile about!


  1. Cute outfit and LOVE that hat! I sometimes have those weird visions before bed and I know make sure to write them down because sometimes, I forget them by morning.
    Congrats to your sister and can't wait to see pics of a fall wedding, should be beautiful!

  2. aww, congrats to them. NOT the surprise i was expecting however..just saying. your hat is fab and you look adorable in it!

  3. CUTE couple! Congrats to them! Such a fun post. I learned a new word (sartorial) so thank you very much for that! The dress you concocted is quite darling on you. And that hat is seriously AMAZING! Wow! It looks gorgeous on you too with your eye color!

  4. Ange- Haha, yes, I have to do the same thing!

    Cape on the Corner- Thanks! I love my new hat.

    Courtney- Yay, so glad I could help expand your vocab! And thanks, it was a fun outfit to pull together.

  5. Oh the hat!! It is just perfect on you! I really enjoy seeing all of the outfits you put together. You have such a knack for it.



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