Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Years, New Look!

This weekend I got a mini-makeover in the form of a new haircut. My sister's roommate is a stylist, and she does a seriously amazing job. I've had bangs before, but I had been letting them grow out for a while. I love the look of bangs though, so I decided to get them again. 

The rest of the weekend consisted of celebrating Elsie's b-day (above), ringing in the New Years with Nick and Cindy and friends, visiting with family, and celebrating another exciting happening that I can't talk about quite yet.... 
How is your New Year's going so far?


  1. Love the bangs but did you know that you have the most gorgeous eyes in the whole wide blogosphere?

  2. I meant to tell you on NYE that your hair looked amazing! So sorry I never did. I absolutely love the cut, and you know how to rock the bangs. A good haircut is the perfect way to kick off a year!!

  3. Holly- Wow! Thanks. =)

    Cindy- HAha, it was a crazy night! Thanks so much! Yup, it is the perfect way to start a new year. =)

  4. Beautiful as always, I'm loving the bangs!!! Happy New Year and we should get planning. ha!

  5. Adorable cut! I just got my haircut on Sunday and added bangs too. It's fun to switch it up every now and then. Can't wait to hear about the exciting thing you celebrated that you can't talk about yet! You've got me all curious...

  6. Ange- Thanks! I love bangs, they are so nice to frame your face and give your hair an update without anything too drastic! Yes... let's get to planning our partay!

    Courtney- Fun! I can't wait to see how yours looks too! We are so on the same wavelength sista...

  7. Lovely! You are definitely "able" to pull off bangs!
    I have a suspicion about your exciting happening. Does it involve decorating a nursery? Human incubators? Oh right, you can't talk about it yet.

  8. Thanks Jane! I feel more "me" when I have bangs. I used to have them as a little girl, so that's probably why.

    Oh yes, I forget that when you are married any time you have "exciting news" people automatically assume it's baby- related. =D Not yet, check my post today!



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