Friday, February 10, 2012

CA So Far

I love California. It's so beautiful here, and there's just a wealth of things to see and do! I've been on my own for most of this week since Josh is in training all day, so I've been trying to get out and do as much as I can! Thankfully, we were able to get a rental car for the whole week so that makes getting around a whole lot easier!

I went for a lovely 3-mile hike one day on Oso Creek trail. It was really beautiful. It felt so nice to be out in the fresh air soaking up some sunshine!

I've also been frequenting Starbucks... so lovely. My favorite drink right now is the iced tea lemonade! I also finished reading "A Picture of Dorian Gray." Obviously a classic, but I had my doubts while reading it at times. However, I stuck it out and finished it and I'm glad I did. It was very interesting! I probably won't ever read it again though. 

I've also been just driving around and exploring. I drove down to Laguna Beach one day, it's SO beautiful. I love the ocean!

Yay! I'm exploring by myself! Ok, I know it sounds silly, but I'm actually rather proud of myself. I'm a huge people-person, so being alone is like torture for me. But I've actually been kind of enjoying it, surprisingly! 

Yesterday, I went to the Spectrum Mall in Irvine. It was recommended by one of Josh's classmates, who had been there on a previous trip. Um, you guys, this place is girl heaven. It has all of the best shops (Anthro, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, tons of cool specialty shops...) and it was designed with a Spanish influence. There are sparkling fountains, gorgeous hanging lanterns, it's just beautiful. Oh, and they have a ferris wheel and a carousel to boot! 

It was so great I talked Josh into going back there that evening for dinner. Love the fountains...

We ate at Cucina Enoteca, a new upscale California-style Italian place. It was amazing.

The ferris wheel, all lit up at night. 

The view from about 3/4 of the way up- you could see Los Angeles in the distance 30 miles away! 

So- that's what we've been up to so far. Today, Josh is done with training so our real vacation begins! We are heading to L.A. for a studio tour today, and plan to hit up the San Diego zoo tomorrow and then cruise along the coast on Sunday. So far- so good! 


  1. Oh I'm so glad you're giving us updates of your trip. Sounds like you're having a blast! And way to go girl, exploring by yourself.

  2. you're so brave exploring on your own! enjoy your time out there!

  3. Glad you are having fun and way to go being all stepping out of the comfort zone and going off alone! Bring back some warmth!!! :)

  4. SO FUN. Oh my gosh, you're making me want to go somewhere warm! That mall looks amazing. Enjoy the rest of your vacation!!!

  5. So glad your trip is going great :) Love the pictures!

    Happy Weekend!

  6. I love exploring on my own when I travel for work :) So I think I know the feeling.



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