Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mail Center

We had a space on the wall between our kitchen and dining room that was just begging for something. I was also starting to get annoyed with our calendar being perched on the countertop (see picture above). It was starting to feel really cluttered, but since we use the calendar all the time it needed to be somewhere easily accessible. After I found a wire storage unit at Marshalls a while ago, a plan started to formulate... we needed a mail/organization center! 

It didn't take long to hang up the wire baskets, and the calendar was a cinch as well. For the calendar, which did not have any hanging device, I just hot-glued a bent paper-clip to the back. It works really well! 

I also added two extra dots of glue to the bottom two corners to help keep the calendar straight and level on the wall. 

Now, our mail has it's very own place to live. I love the wire mesh, but it was looking a little messy from the front when you could see all the various papers. So, I added in some cute Amy Butler paper that coordinates with our dining room hutch. Perfection!

It's so nice to have the calendar in plain view (it was a $2.50 purchase from Target a year ago- best $2 I have ever spent!). Plus, when I want to write on it, I can just pop it off the wall with no trouble at all. I'm glad I went the paper-clip route rather than using something more permanent!

I hemmed and hawed about the height to put the wire thing at, but finally decided that this was the right height. I wanted to make it level with the green cabinet, but it was just too low. If I made it level with the kitchen cabinets, it would be too high! So, I decided to go with the height of the basket for a little bit of visual continuity. I think it works ok! 

Now the kitchen counter feels less cluttered, and our mail and various papers have a cute little place to be stored. Getting organized feels great! 



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