Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Showered {With Love}

I had the privilege of getting not one, but two beautiful baby showers! Let me tell you, it is such a huge blessing for this soon-to-be-Mama. Of course gifts are wonderful and all, but the funnest part for me is just being able to bask in the joy of this coming Baby with friends and family. 

The first one was held at my church, and hosted by some sweet ladies from my Bible Study. My sweet friend Abi was the creative brains behind it all, look at those gorgeous decorations!

 She even made little tiny flower pot favors with seeds in them for the guests to plant. Aw!

 The food was divine... the plates were small but everyone had at least two helpings because it was just that good!

All the details that went into it were so beautiful, even the sweet little cards for the guessing game and favors. 

My second shower was hosted at my Grandma's house by my mom and Aunties. My Grandparent's home is the perfect place to have a party- it's big, bright, comfortable, and just downright gorgeous!

We ended up getting almost an entire wardrobe of clothing for Baby! It was so fun to unwrap all the little outfits and hear the gasps and "oohs" echo around the room. =)

One of my favorites is this beautiful sweater and hat knitted by my mother in law, soon to be Grandma Jody! 

So to sum up, we just feel so blessed. Blessed to have a bunch of the necessities needed for Baby's arrival (plus some non-essential but adorable things!), but most of all blessed to have such a supportive network of friends and family!


  1. aww, how special they both were. we did a plant/seed theme for my friend, too.

  2. you got such great gifts, and p.s. you are the prettiest mama on the block!!! I love your dress!



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