Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas is Still Happening Here!

It's sometimes hard to believe that Christmas preparations still happen, even when there is no blog post to prove it, so I've pulled together a few photos from my phone for posterity.

We did go out to the Christmas tree farm with my parents to cut down their tree, see? Evie even came with us, all snuggled up on her daddy's chest in the baby bjorn.

We attempted a family portrait. 

We attempted another family portrait. 

We managed to pull the tree on a sled to our car, and it only fell off 5 times! 

Then Josh and I went home and set up our fake, pre-lit tree (which I find myself loving even more since we had an 11-foot-tall real tree last year!)

You may have noticed in the background one of our recent projects- we covered up the railing in the living room with some board-and-batten. It started out as a child-proofing project, but of course we had to make it pretty! I will probably do a before-and-after post at some point, but here's another angle of it. I love it!

I even managed to do some decorating besides the tree. I love this musical tray that I made last year, and it fit perfectly with some new tealight holders from Target, and sparkly pinecones.

I must have sparkly pinecones in my Christmas decor. 

I'm even getting festive myself and wearing a red hat + red lipstick most days. It's amazing how a quick swipe of apple-red lipstick can make even a new mom feel pulled together. 

This year, Christmas is so different and wonderful. Evie is still too little to truly understand the wonderfulness of Christmas, but I'm enjoying nonetheless watching her experience it for the first time. From her wide-eyed gazes at the Christmas tree to her unhappy response to a santa hat, it's truly a joy to behold. 

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