Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Gatsby-Inspired Party

This past weekend, we had a little soiree for my baby sister (who is not actually a baby I must note, but in her 20's). She's getting married this coming August, so we decided to throw a Gatsy-Inspired bachelorette party for her. My sister Elsie hosted the party at her beautiful home, and all I had to do was bring some delectable treats, and figure out how to make myself look a little more old-fashioned. 

Turns out, finger curls are a huge pain in the rear, but so worth the end result! In order to get this look:


I had to spend 6 + hours looking like this: 

I did some research on the elusive finger-wave popular in the 1920's, and kind of came up with my own version. I used this blog to get an idea of how to set the curls. Basically, I parted my hair in a deep side part and completely wet that section of hair. I liberally applied mousse, and then used the clips to set it in deep waves (using the photos from the blog above as a guide). It took a really long time to dry, so I used my blowdryer with a diffuser attachment throughout the day to help it along.

Once the hair was dry, I curled the rest of my hair using a 3-barrel, and pinned it up in the back to mimic a bob. The finger-waves only needed a light combing to make them look more natural, and they were ready to go! I also put a couple of bobby pins in to help the finger curls stay put at least until I got to the party, but I'm happy to say they lasted through the night!

Josh snapped a few photos of the whole ensemble right before I left. I hemmed and hawed about what to wear for weeks, but I finally found the right outfit. The shirt is from Target, and the skirt is from Ruche. I didn't buy them for the occasion, I actually had both things already and at the last moment threw them together. The tights, shoes, handbag, and feather headband were also things I had on hand. 

Even though it was a lot of work, I really enjoyed doing my hair this way! It was fun to feel like I was living in my favorite decade for a bit. Usually I just live vicariously through shows like Downton Abbey and Poirot. Anyone else ever feel like they were born in the wrong decade?


  1. you look adorable! in my teens, I was super into the beatles and was always told i'm in the wrong decade, lol. I love a themed bachelorette party, btw.

  2. You really pull that look off perfectly!!



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