Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Around the Kitchen

Some things have happened around here that I have been remiss in mentioning. Some very wonderful additions have become a part of our family, and I am so excited to introduce them to you today. First off, our blender. We affectionately call him Blendy. This rockstar whirs into action every day, making baby food, smoothies, soup purees, and the occasional batch of pesto. He even decimated a wooden spoon in an unplanned battle of strength. What a champ! 

The chalkboard jar has found a new place next to our faithful toaster. I also discovered that if you dip your chalk into water before writing, it writes a heck of a lot better, and it also makes me feel a bit less like throwing up. Does anyone else feel like they might puke when writing on a chalkboard? No? I'm the only one? Why does that not surprise me.... 

I'm trying super hard to keep our counters less cluttered, since we are still in the bottle-stage of feeding our baby girl and those things have taken over! 

I re-finished the frame on this picture I found years ago in a thrift store. It's an embroidered picture, with tons of colorful chickens. I love it more than I care to admit, and if I had to rescue anything from a fire (after my humans of course), this would be it. I wish now that I had done the dishes before taking this photo...

Lastly, I found a fun new rug for in front of the sink (from Target)! Also, this photo gives you a better idea of how tiny our kitchen truly is. If Josh tries to come in while I'm cooking, I get a claustrophobic attack and start panicking. Truly. Also, when the dishwasher is open, there is only 2 feet of space in front of the stove. Eep!

So there's a few kitchen updates that have happened lately. It is definitely feeling more pulled-together than before!

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