Monday, June 3, 2013

Whirlwird Trip to Virginia

This past week, we returned from our first-ever vacation as a family; a road trip to Virginia! It was so incredibly wonderful and such a fun memory now. I'm so glad we went! Since pictures are obviously the best illustration, I will tell the tale through photos taken from my ever-faithful phone...

Evie- was an amazing traveller! 2800 miles, with very few meltdowns. Actually, I think I had more meltdowns than she did, sweet thing. 

We drove first to Winchester, VA, for two family weddings. They both took place at my aunt and uncle's beautiful farm, and they were both absolutely gorgeous. With fields like this as a backdrop, you don't need much in terms of decoration! 

We ended up staying at the same hotel as my aunt and uncle and their kids, as well as my parents. It was so fun to congregate every morning at the nearby Starbucks, and to share the weddings with my wonderful family. 

It just so happened that my birthday fell on one of the wedding days, so I decided the best way to celebrate was lunch at Waffle House. Southerners may think I'm crazy, but I think Waffle House is the best thing ever invented.

A chocolate chip birthday waffle? Yes please, and thank you. 

Here's a close-up for ya! Mmmmmm.

My sweet little sister Elsie and her hubby Kyle were there too, I think they thoroughly enjoyed their first Waffle House visit.

Starbucks with my cousins later that day! Love these two beautiful ladies. They drove all the way from Alaska!!! Is that not amazing or what?

Before the trip, I decided to highlight my hair for the first time ever. I love it, even though it was insanely expensive for someone who normally uses boxed dyes. 

Josh and I before one of the weddings, he was really rockin the straw hat for the whole trip! 

After the weddings, we drove out to VA Beach to stay with my mom's youngest sister and her lovely family. This is my Auntie, Beth (or Liz as she prefers to be called). I flippin' love this lady! She has been like a second mom to me my whole life. I've visited her and her family almost every place they have lived, and they move around a lot since my uncle is in the Air Force!

My cousin Faith is the cutest little bugaboo ever. She had a blast hanging out with Evie! 

My parents were there also. We did a bit of sightseeing,Yorktown and Williamsburg, and also quite a bit of shopping. Yay!

Historic Williamsburg was so beautiful. I am a huge history buff, so it was pretty incredible to walk down the paths that some of our greatest forefathers walked. 

My cousin Jon mostly enjoyed climbing the trees in Williamsburg.

The weather was pretty cool most of the week, but on our last day we finally got to the place I most wanted to see: the beach. My toes have not been that happy in a looooong time. 

It was a bit windy so we didn't stay long, but I'm so glad we were able to be there for at least a little while.

And if this picture is any proof, but the time we hit the Wisconsin border we were definitely ready to be home. What a great trip! 

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