Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Sometimes, I just crave adventure like I crave a morning cup of coffee. I crave a change from the routine, a new experience, a chance to get away from the daily in and outs of life.

This past weekend, two of my closest friends and I decided to do just that. We left our babies with our husbands, packed into a car and drove up North. The Fall colors are in their peak right now up North, and it was the perfect weekend to get away!

It was amazing to just do whatever we wanted. We had an awesome dinner, drank wine, laughed until our throats hurt, shared some great stories, and slept in the next morning. Then, just because we could, we piled into a golf cart with our morning coffee and just drove around the lake, admiring the trees and the sunshine.

Our best "adventure" was a one-hour trail ride. I have never ridden a horse before, so it was a fun and slightly terrifying experience for me!

What do you do when your soul craves adventure?

1 comment:

  1. Sooo FUN! This would be tough to beat. Looks like a blast! Way to be adventurous!



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