Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fall Table-Scape

I'm a little late with sharing my Fall-inspired tablescape (isn't that the best word ever?), but it's been so fun to see every day that I just had to share it anyway!

I'm all about simple and cheap decorating, and this was both. The mini pumpkins were less than $5 for all of them, the candle was also less than $5 at Wal-Mart and smells AMAZING, and everything else I already had on hand.

We had a Halloween party at our house this weekend, and this also fit right in with that. So nice and easy!

Speaking of Fall and Halloween- it's been the BEST Fall. We have packed in so much goodness in these short months, and my Autumn-loving heart is happy. We had a get-together for my dad's birthday which culminated in a pumpkin carving party! So fun. 

Evie was a ladybug for Halloween. I had wanted to make her a costume, but then we found this on sale at Jo Anne fabrics and it was just meant to be! 

Then for a Halloween Party at our house, I had fun re-creating the "floating candles" from the Harry Potter movies. These pictures don't do it justice unfortunately, but it was a really fun effect! It took forever to make the candles and hang them from the ceiling, but it was so worth it. If anyone is interested, here's how I did it: bought "faux" lighted tealights (24 pack) from Jo Annes (the batteries are supposed to last 100 hours!), wrapped cardstock around them to create different sized candlesticks, and used hot glue to make "wax drips" on the sides, then hung them from the ceiling using fishing line and white thumbtacks. This is one instance where I was actually thankful for our popcorn ceiling! It hides the tiny thumbtack holes really well. =)

Everyone dressed up for the party, I was so glad! I didn't ask if I could share photos of the other costumes, so I'll just share ours. I was "Little Miss Muffet" and Josh was supposed to be Ron Swanson, but at the last minute he decided to be a Russian soldier. =) Boys. 

How was YOUR Halloween?

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