Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Tree Farm

This year, we used our fake tree again, but that didn't stop us from tagging along with my family to the tree farm! We have a tree farm nearby that we go to every year now, and it really is one of the highlights of the season for me.

It's just so fun to be outside in the fresh air, surrounded by evergreen trees, laughing with the people I love the most. 

The pictures from my phone don't do it justice of course, but I love that they have a cute little "cabin" (which used to be a chicken coop apparently) that they decorate and keep cozy and warm. 

Evie got to ride in a little red wagon. She loved it! 

I totally used this photo for our Christmas card this year! Hello, new phone, I love you. 

Do you cut down a tree, or use a fakey? We're lucky that we kind of get the best of both worlds, but the real trees were $50 a pop this year. Yikes! They seem to get more spendy every year! I love our faux tree, and the fact that it is completely lit with beautiful white lights, and I don't have to cuss my way through detangling several strands of lights. ;)

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