Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Unwrapped

Yesterday, some gifts came in the mail. A package from NewEgg for my brother (he wanted a computer mouse, how exciting!), and a package for... ME! (A gift from Hubby, of course).

I think I know where it is from. And I am ecstatic. Here's a clue: the root of the name is the Greek word Anthropos, meaning: man, mankind, humankind, etc. But in real life it just means AMAZING! INCREDIBLE! TERRIBLY EXPENSIVE! ENOUGH TO MAKE A GROWN WOMAN CRY! (http://www.anthropologie.com/)

I promised Hubby that I would not look at the package or (Heaven forbid!) open it. I also placed my own stipulation on the mail gathering, because I have a package coming in the mail for him too. (I know you are reading this, Hubby, no clues will be given here!).

Last night, we were sitting around, watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas (Jim Carrey version), I was wrapping more presents, and Hubby was reading. We both were chatting at one point, and we were suddenly overwhelmed with the childish urge to open our gifts. I'm not sure who started it, maybe it was on both of our minds.

Hubby looked at me with a gleam in his eye and said, "You know, we could open them tonight. Just our gifts for each other..."

I paused. I drank in the moment, the possibilities. I pictured myself voraciously tearing into that brown package, laughing hysterically as packing peanuts swirled around my head. I pictured Hubby tearing open the pristinely wrapped gifts that I have so thoughtfully picked out for him.

Why wait? Christmas is right around the corner anyway, next week will be so busy, why not spread a little Christmas Joy around our house? We're adults, we can do that, right?

But then, in a flash, the moment was over. Once again, I was an adult. An adult who has seen almost 24 Christmases. An adult who knows that some things are just worth waiting for, that sometimes the waiting is what makes it so special.

We did not unwrap the gifts. After the moment of insanity was over, we looked at each other, giggled a little, and went back to our respective diversions.

The presents will sit under our tree for a little while longer. I think the mystery of their unknown treasures will help us to dwell on the season as we remember that Christ brought us the greatest gift of all. It's a gift that we know we have received, but we can't open it yet. Instead, we live in the glorious expectation of the unwrapping, the unveiling. The day that we will finally look upon the face of our Savior, Jesus Christ.


  1. Sweet post....so glad you all didn't open you're presents:) You are so right...those unwrapped presents are a reminder of the gift we are going to recieve one day..simply because we believe!!

  2. I'm sure the waiting will be worth it! :)

  3. What a precious time in your life! You two will always look back at this time in your marriage with fondness!

    Merry Christmas!



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