Friday, December 18, 2009

Handmade with Love

I have a soft spot in my heart for hand-made gifts. I think I was unusually blessed growing up; I have a Grandmother who was Minnesota's answer to Martha Stewart and my Mom is also an incredible seamstress. I grew up sewing little clothes for my dolls, and receiving lots of handmade gifts.

One year (I think I was about 5), my Grandma Judy gave me an incredible doll. She was handmade, from her little cloth feet to her pretty painted smile. She made her hair out of twine; she wrapped the twine around pencils and somehow it became these beautiful, springy, spiral curls. I named my doll "Hope."

Ironically enough, my little brother decided one day that it would be a great idea to spray some perfume on my doll's face, which caused the paint to run. So now Hope looks like she is crying. I should have named her Sorrow.

Well, I decided to carry on the tradition to the best of my ability. I hope I become the kind of person that people want to receive handmade gifts from... (I still feel bad about that HIDEOUS scarf I made for you in college, Jenni! Just try to remember the loving thoughts behind it and not the huge, gaping hole in the middle!).

First, I made a pillow for a good friend of mine. It is needle-felting done with wool on silk.

I also added some vintage pearl beads to add some contrast and make it a little more glamorous.

Next, I wanted to make a gift for this little cutie-pie:

Sissy, my littlest cousin.

I decided to do a kitchen-y theme for her, because she loves to cook with her mom. (Aunt E, if you are reading this, no giving away the surprise!). So I sewed up a little apron for her:

I also found a little wooden spoon and rolling pin and tied some cute ribbons on them. I forgot to take a picture, and I'm bummed because they looked really cute!

So, what (if anything) are you hand-making this year?


  1. I just love making homemade gifts too! ( I only hope people don't mind receiving them, lol) That pillow you made is fantastic. It really is so original! I love it!

  2. I made several homemade gifts this year - personalized sundae bowls and coasters, outting bags with mats and small toys (like my little pony and army men)... you can see them all on my blog:

    I love the little apron! The lace touches just make it. :)

    Stopping by from Kimba's.

  3. Thank you! I always feel like homemade gifts mean so much more... plus they are fun to do! Thanks for sharing the link Kimmy!



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