Monday, December 7, 2009

A Merry Christmas Makeover

Our little townhouse was looking a little sad at the beginning of December...

I wasn't sure exactly what it needed until the day after Thanksgiving...

Suddenly, the light came on. It's time for Christmas Decorating!

(Haha, I tricked you into thinking that I was unaware of the imminent arrival of Christmas. I wasn't. If Christmas had a stalker, it would be me).

This year, Handsome Husband and I decided that our theme for Christmas decorations would be "Beg, Borrow, or Steal." With a little more emphasis on the begging and borrowing, and a little less on the, uh, stealing.

So, I dug out my box of Christmas decorations that I had painstakingly gathered throughout my single years (or stumbled upon in the Target dollar section). The wreath was a dollar section find, highlighted with some little bejeweled love-birds and some ribbon that I had on hand.

I also took a couple of those little trees that everyone seems to have (you know, the ones with burlap wrapped around the bottom that you got from your Grandmother?). I replaced the burlap with tulle. I know, it's amazing.

We also cheated a little and bought a Christmas tree. But you can't really even begin to decorate for Christmas until you have a tree!

Here's where the begging and borrowing came in... We received many of the lovely little ornaments from the In-Laws, along with the glass tree-topper. The tree topper used to be rather sad, with it's pale cream-colored, chipped paint. To give it a face-lift, I painted it gold and now it stands tall and proud atop our little tree.

Ah. Christmas.

Now I can sit and read, drink tea, bake cookies, and listen to Christmas music with the lovely glow that only white Christmas lights can bring.

I'm also going to work at remembering the sacrifice and basking in the love that God brought to us so many years ago in the form of a tiny child. There is no better time to remember His goodness, His grace and presence in our broken world.

I linked to the Hooked on Houses Holiday House Tour here:


  1. That is a fantastic idea covered the burlap with tulle. So chic!

    If you get a chance, stop by my blog today and enter my children's Christmas book giveaway.

  2. Thank you! It was easy and quick, two of my favorite things. =)

  3. You did a beautiful job of begging and borrowing the right things ;)

    Love your couch!


  4. Thanks a bunch! The couch was free, believe it or not!



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