Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A (Non) Snow Day

Yesterday we had a "winter storm warning." It was predicted that we would have up to 12 inches of snow at one point. I laid awake in bed all night listening to the howling wind, expecting to wake in the morning and find myself completely snowed in. I was practically giddy with excitement.

I had dreamy plans of lounging in my slippers, drinking unseemly amounts of coffee, catching up on my blog-therapy, sewing some cute little owl Christmas ornaments, and just having a deliciously calm day.

Then my alarm went off at 5:30.

I stumbled out of bed, pulled on my slippers and went to the window expectantly. I just needed visual confirmation of the copious amounts of snow before I called my supervisor and either a) found out that the office was closed or b) decided to take annual leave in order to remain safe, cozy, and caffeinated at home.

What I saw was disheartening. Yes, there was snow. Probably about 5 inches in some spots. But the sky was what shocked me; it was completely devoid of even the tiniest little snowflake. They call this a BLIZZARD? I could shovel myself out with a spoon.

Apparently, it was enough snow to cancel all schools within the twin cities area. It was enough for my husband's office to close down. It was enough to cause widespread panic and triple the normal amounts of Spam that were purchased in a day. But it was not enough for my office to shut their doors, or for me to justify using 8 hours of precious annual leave.

So, I made myself some coffee to-go. And then I dragged my sorry bum to work and prayed that I would not be a snot to my husband when I got home. And I (for the most part) wasn't. He cleaned the entire house while I was gone, and he had fresh tea waiting for me when I got home. Did I mention that I am married to the most wonderful man in the world?

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