Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Pretty Shade of Blue...

We have been living here in our townhome since August, and I have been constantly lamenting the paint color in our living/dining/kitchen areas. For some unknown reason, the previous owners decided to paint everything the same color. Unfortunately, the color they chose is pretty awful. At first glance, it wasn't too bad. Just a non-committal shade of tan/taupe/blah. But once we moved all our furniture in, I realized that this color was not just blah. It was soul-sucking. It ate up my couch and my curtains, and changed the shade of our chair to a nausea-inducing green.

Do you see how the couch, curtains, and wall look like they are all the same color? I swear, the walls are trying to eat my decor. My husband is safe so far, but who knows how far it will go?

And now the chair. See what I mean? I am choking back my lunch.

Needless to say, it is time to get some paint on these walls! I have hemmed and hawed for a long time, but I am giving myself a two-week ultimatum. In two weeks, we will have a 3 day weekend so we can paint and then recover from the painting and enjoy our new space.

I am thinking a shade of blue or blue/green to bring some light and color in. I scrounged around on the internet for some inspiration, and here's what I found (all pictures from Apartment Therapy):

I have lots of green in my living room- and I like how the blues and greens play off each other in this space (above). I am also trying to find ways to bring some more modern influences into our space. I love the granny-chic look but right not our living room is a little more on the granny side!

I love the bright bursts of yellow in this room! I really adore yellow and I'm always looking for ways to pull it in, in my wardrobe and my decorating! I know these walls aren't really blue, but you still get the picture. I also love how the room still feels bright and airy even with the dark woods of the built-ins.

And, although this is not a living room, I love the play of color here. This is a happy room!

So, I have 2 weeks to decide what color to use. I also need to find a complimentary color that will work for our kitchen/dining room as well since it is all open. I will try to put pictures of that area as well up here, I just ran out of sunlight today!

I think it would be so much easier to help someone else pick out a color for their walls. Since it is our house and our stuff it seems harder and more complicated. So, if you have an opinion please share! I am definitely open for suggestions.

Happy New Year!


  1. I'm a big fan of the pale blue, as long as it's not too imposing. You know, some people paint a room baby blue, you walk in and it just screams, "I am blue!!!!!!" But, a very soft, pale blue would be just lovely! I agree, I love the bright green with the blue. Very nice. The other trendy thing to do (if you are more non-committal) is to paint it a light shade of gray. Better than beige, after all. ;)

    PS I love your decor!!!

  2. I definitely agree my dear! No JT Powder-Blue for me!!! =) I am actually leaning towards more of a seafoam color... If only you were here to help me pick out paint swatches!

  3. i actually like the color of your background here, it might be nice on a wall. Not too imposing at all! Have fun choosing!

  4. Oh you would love the color I just emailed you! It's very subtle and it would look fabulous with the blues and greens in your couch and the gold of your sofa!! You have some great pieces to work with! And all your inspirations rooms have me google eyed! I LOVE every one of them--we so have the same style! : )



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