Tuesday, January 12, 2010

stop being such a whiny-bum and paint those walls!

I know, I know. I am really good a whining about things and not so good at just getting stuff done. So this January, I decided to quit whining about the state of my walls and whip out the paintbrushes.

First, I spent a couple of weeks hemming and hawing over paint samples. Then, I dragged my sweet Hubby to Home Depot and we bought actual paint samples. Did you know they sell little 5 or so oz. samples of paint these days? What a revolution! I bought 6 samples.

Then, we rolled on the paint in some strategic areas of our home to get a better feel for the colors.

In the picture above were my two favorites in paint-chip form. On the left we have Pale Lichen and on the right is Dynasty Celadon, both from Behr. In reality, the Pale Lichen is just too pale for the living room area I think. I know it's difficult to really get a feel for the color from this photo, but the Dynasty Celadon is more of a bluish gray with a hint of green.

Here's another closeup of the Celadon with some of our wall art.

I am about 99% positive we will do the Dynasty Celadon in the living room, and then Pale Lichen in the Kitchen/Dining room area. I am jealous of anyone reading this, because you can come back and see the end result and I have to actually do the work!

But, seriously, come back next week to see the amazing transformation. Hopefully amazing in a good way...


  1. Hi from New Zealand, what kind of crafting do you do, I made a needle felted book cover once with an owl in a tree, it was pretty cool, "Happy days" cheers Marie

  2. I love the celadon. Not too light, not too dark. I'm actually curious about the name, because I always thought that celadon was a shade of green, not blue. Who knew? Anyway, I think the blue really sets off all the greens and yellows that you have in your living room. It's super fab! Can't wait to see it!!!

  3. Hi, Your pillow is so cool, love the color, cheers Marie

  4. I love the dynasty celadon! It's going to look great in your room!



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